HD Digital Flexographic Plating

High Definition digital, 4800dpi, thermally (fast) processed flexographic plates up to 42" x 60"; solventless, eco-friendly process with measured consistency, exceptional detail and at a fraction of the time required for analog processed plates.

Dunham Graphics has partnered with Dupont and Screen to offer full high-definition, digital fast flexographic plate manufacture. Our unique introduction to the manufacturing end includes Screen's PlateRite FX1524 digital imager with an output of 42" x 60" combined with 4800 dpi laser optics, as well as their proprietary Flexo Dot screening technology. This allows for the reproduction of exceptional detail, clean vignettes, and the near elimination of unevenness in the plate. The Flexo Dot algorithms offer superior support to the highlight dots by introducing a reinforcing “buttress pattern” to the base halftone dots themselves. The result is long-lasting highlights of extremely small size.

The Dupont Fast TD4260 system allows Dunham to offer dry, thermally processed plates which eliminate hazardous solvent washout from the process. This heat and pressure technique generates superior uniformity, and omits the need for costly drying time. Start to finish, plates can be manufactured in about an hour.