Digital Prepress and Consultation

Every project is unique to us. Our passion lies in discovering the most successful approach to each, providing you and your brands with the greatest results.

At Dunham Graphics, every project begins with a discussion. We evaluate, advise and suggest options up-front. It is our belief that this necessary procedure eliminates the chance of a missed opportunity, or “What if we had…” moment. We approach each situation as a chance to maximize performance, printability and repeatability.


By endeavoring  to provide you with the most Bang-for-your-buck, Dunham analyzes the build up of files, and offers alternatives for color separation, isolation and elimination; widening achievable color while simultaneously reducing problem scenarios ahead. Skilled in under color removal, and gray component replacement, Dunham provides cost savings with an immediate return.


When files arrive in our office, scrutiny does not end with spell check. Although a necessary part of our analysis, accuracy is measured by more than lines of copy. We dissect the files, probe for issues, and systematically prepare those files for greatness. Our expertise in manipulating images and files ensures that your brand and line of products are viewed as you envisioned.


Contact us to explore ways that Dunham Graphics can bring these successes to your brands and projects in the future.