GMG Managed Epson Proofing

Color management is easily as important as color correction in the successful reproduction of one's brand and identity. It is our goal to guarantee a quick and effortless achievement toward press match both in the eyes of the brand owner and converter. Our proofs are meant to satisfy everyone.

Color management is crutial in the relationships we have with brand owners and converters alike. It is our goal to provide the utmost achievable proof to accurately convey real world expectations and market demands. Our first consideration to this end was the Dupont Waterproof, an analog dot-proof utilizing actual printing ink. Managed by GMG Colorproof, the Waterproof was a consistent solution. Although Waterproofs are still available, being sensitive to narrowing budgets, we have turned our attention to the Epson WT7900, managed by GMG's Flexoproof. This proofer offers an extended gamut coupled with white ink output, and has enabled Dunham to offer exceptionally accurate proofs at a fraction of the Waterproof's rate.


The symbiosis of GMG's rip and Epson's ink and nozzle technology have enabled a revolutionary solution to the proofing dilemna. With a wide gamut of available color cartridges and an iterative compensation process, we can provide proofs that reflect the process color space and conditions of converters with expected match book colors on the same proof, eliminating ink draw downs, and proofing let-downs. Reduced cost, (headache), accurate and repeatable; everyone wins.