Positive and Negative Film Output

Our roots run deep,
and our customer base remains ever relevant regardless of your position in the industry. Positive & negative films up to
42" x 50" will remain available for the foreseeable future.

Dunham Graphics maintains its ability to output film positives and negatives. This process, although archaic by some standards, is invaluable to many of our customers without the means to incorporate costly investments. Traditional films can be created and output up to 32" x 42". If your needs exceed this format, Dunham offers dry laser ablated films with our Screen PlateRite FX1524 with a maximum output of 42" x 50".


This dry, environmentally friendly option removes the need for chemistry, and greatly speeds up production. Unlike older ablated films, Laser Point II film is actual 7mil optically clear polyester, with a measured, consistent density and uniformity. The dots on these films are created with the same 4800dpi lasers with which we ablate our photopolymer plates, so you can expect exceptionally round dots that offer improved repeatability. Contact us at your convenience to sample this option for your business.