Conceptual Creative and Prepress


We offer creative input, prepress expertise,  film output up to 42" x 50", digital, color-managed proofing & HD digital, Cyrel Fast flexographic plate manufacture up to 42" x 60".

Dunham Graphics is a leading and dynamic force in the consumer packaging graphics industry. By engaging our client's, we have engineered exceptional solutions that guide graphics from creative intent to marketplace introduction.


Our humble inception in 2007 proved that our caliber of detail-oriented scrutiny, coupled with forward thinking solutions and exceptional customer-focused-service
are invaluable in today's tepid market climate. By combining a veteran team of experts with decades of experience, and remaining lean and focused on our strengths, Dunham Graphics have emerged as a reputable partner in the ever-evolving world of graphics.

Looking to create a new item to bring to market? Need to freshen up an item already on store shelves? Whether you are or represent a brand owner, are involved in metal decorating, screen printing, or flexography, Dunham Graphics has the expertise to expand your business. Working with you and your customers, we engineer brand consistency and sales driven graphics which eliminate waste while enhancing your productivity and profits. Our perspective is simple; offer fantastic input and output at a competitive rate. Let us earn your trust and provide you with consistent excellence and cost saving solutions.